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Secured Degree really lives up to its name of offering degrees that are legitimate and safe. We have our privacy policy to protect you when you are buying a degree.  Read our PRIVACY POLICY to know your rights and security when buying a degree:

Your Information:

  • If you are buying a degree and complete the purchase or register, then we will collect the information.
  • Traffic and location data, weblogs and other communication and also any other recourse tools you use can collect an information.
  • Any other communications in our personnel allows us to collect information from you.

Use of Cookie:

  • We may need to collect information but the information is only the statistical data shared to the advertiser. The fact is that we share the information but no identifying information, only the statistical information.
  • By a cookie file, all the online usage data are collected. All computers have an option. If you want to decline cookie then it will be limited your access to our site.

Use of your information:

  • We store and collect your information if you are buying a degree to give you a better service as your wish.  Then we may use your information for the following reasons:
  • Any commitment for contract
  • If the website concerning services requests the information or the products then we use your data.
  • We can provide you the notification about the changes of the product or services which will affect our services to you.
  • Existing customer may be informed about the latest service but there is a need of your permission if your data is used by the third parties
  • If you don’t want to use your data then there is an opportunity to decline the communication

Secure Personal Data:

  • Outside the European country and the economic area we place the areas to store and process the data of yours.
  • We take all the necessary initiatives to make your information secure and private.
  • Secured servers are used to keep your data. All data will be encrypt and store in our bank and never pass the information to others.
  • No one is allowed to see your payment information or your other information when you are buying a degree.

Disclosure of Your Information

  • Your personal information will not be revealed to the third party if you are buying a degree.
  • To protect you from credit risk or fraud, your information will be secured when you are buying a degree.

Third Party Links

  • You may find links on our sites. All of the third party has their own privacy policy. You have to check their terms and policy and condition. We are not responsible for their policy


  • We hope that you do not hesitate to make any questions and inquiries and any other request and comments about this privacy policy when you are buying a degree or about to buy a university degree from us.
  • You can contact us anytime.

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In the cut throat competition and challenging circumstances, people find buying a degree to be a good alternative. This is mainly because the reputed companies and organizations these days not only look for ample work experience but also the educational qualification as the main criterion for employment and high salary packages. In order to rise above the professional disappointment that is developing at your work place, you can consider buying a degree to be an excellent option indeed! If you are buying a degree it doesn’t mean that you are indulging in an illegal trail or practice. It can be considered to be an excuse which is widely prevalent among majority of people these days. You can make the purchase at a reasonable and economical price and a price worth the degree that you get. There are a number of websites which offer fake diplomas and fake degrees that look absolutely real and hundred percent authentic too! Though many spam cases have been reported, you can still find a genuine seller of the fake degree or diplomas for yourself. There are few concerns in this aspect that have to be kept in mind before buying a degree. This involves features such as the type of color of the paper, material of the paper, stamp, quality of then print, font size, signature etc. to name a few. The fake degrees are made so real with precise printing such that they can be hardly differentiated from the original degrees obtained from universities after graduation. But before buying a degree you must keep in mind that you buy one which is your field of study or interest lest people might not believe whether it is true or not. You can compete with the colleagues who are educated with highly qualified degrees with the help of the fake degrees. You just need to check for the legitimate websites before buying a degree for yourself. You get the neatly printed degrees with your name and address printed onto them with proper stamping making it look completely real and genuine. Apart from this, the printing press websites have ample scope for modification of the degrees and diplomas. These also turn out to be a very good alternative to get a good and genuine fake degree. Hence buying a degree can be considered to be a great option to put yourself up in the market and grab the best job opportunities.

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